What I’m Not

I grew up thinking that mental illness was fake. It was just something people used as an excuse not to work. Imagine my surprise when I was sent home early from my LDS mission because of one! That was the only time I’ve ever thrown up on an airplane, and it wasn’t simply because I … More What I’m Not

The Un-me

“You’re back,” he says with a smile and a gentle hug. I know exactly what that means: I just started to remember myself again. … More The Un-me

“Good” News

The doctor walked in with my file in one hand as he gently closed the door with the other and nodded to a passing nurse. He didn’t waste my time with the typical pleasantries: how are you, have you still been hurting, how’s the pain, where’s the pain, etc. He simply said, “I have good … More “Good” News

7 Facts You May Not Know About Living With Bipolar Disorder

Everyone knows about the mood swings that are characteristic of bipolar disorder, but few are aware of the many other symptoms that can come with it. With bipolar disorder type 1 (type 2 is a bit less severe), there come psychotic features: hallucinations, delusions, dissociation, etc. Here are seven features of bipolar disorder I deal with that you may not know about… … More 7 Facts You May Not Know About Living With Bipolar Disorder