I have a daughter we call Heidikins, who took more than a year to make.
2017-06-12_21.04.01My diagnosis of bipolar disorder came the week I met my husband, and the chronic pain (still yet to be diagnosed) started one month after I married him. I get distracted by any dog I see.
My silly husband thinks it’s cute when I sing.

Sewing is my favorite.


my story

I was 20 when I finally got a real diagnosis of the bipolar disorder I dealt with my whole life. The chronic pain has yet to be diagnosed. I served an LDS m2016-11-27_21.07.45ission that same year. I was supposed to leave 5 June 2013 and come home 17 December 2014; instead, I left 5 June 2013 and came home 29 June 2013. I lasted less than one month out of 18 because my bipolar disorder (unknown at the time) was acting up to the maximum.

I went back to school to finish my Bachelor of Science the very next semester, when I met my husband. He was the only person who didn’t leave me when he found out I was mentally ill. He even came to visit me every day right after we started dating when I went to the psych ward.

We got married six months later; and one month after that, my chronic pain began. It’s been more than two years now without a diagnosis. Finding one is now one of my main focuses as I do my best to learn how to be a mother to our brand-new baby girl with these challenges.

what you can expect

I write about chronic and mental illness, my struggle with them, and help and hope for others who struggle. I will also write relevant stories about my family. My plan is to post a new story every other Friday, but, of course, with multiple chronic illnesses, that may not be a reliable schedule, and I apologize if it isn’t.