What I’m Not

I grew up thinking that mental illness was fake. It was just something people used as an excuse not to work. Imagine my surprise when I was sent home early from my LDS mission because of one! That was the only time I’ve ever thrown up on an airplane, and it wasn’t simply because I … More What I’m Not

The Un-me

“You’re back,” he says with a smile and a gentle hug. I know exactly what that means: I just started to remember myself again. … More The Un-me

“Good” News

The doctor walked in with my file in one hand as he gently closed the door with the other and nodded to a passing nurse. He didn’t waste my time with the typical pleasantries: how are you, have you still been hurting, how’s the pain, where’s the pain, etc. He simply said, “I have good … More “Good” News